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Fall girl

10 Breaking Fall Makeup Looks, Trends, and Ideas 2023!

This fall, makeup trends are all about embracing nature’s hues. Hence, we bring to you the top 10 fall makeup looks for the season!

   Fall makeup look

Think deep and warm tones, from rich burgundies to earthy browns. Matte skin with a healthy glow takes center stage, accompanied by softly defined eyes using smudged liners or warm-toned eyeshadows. Brows are bold yet natural, while lips make a statement with dark berry shades or subtle nudes. It’s a season of blending natural beauty with a touch of autumnal drama. Source


1.Goth Eye Fall Makeup Looks


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This fall, channel your inner goth with an alluring eye fall makeup looks. Start with a matte black or deep charcoal eyeshadow as your base, creating a smoky effect. Add a pop of drama with metallic or jewel-toned accents on the lid. Line your eyes with a precise winged eyeliner and finish with voluminous lashes. The result? A captivating, edgy gaze that perfectly complements the dark, enchanting vibes of the season.


2. Shimmer Fall Makeup Looks


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Elevate your fall makeup looks with a touch of shimmering elegance. Start with a dewy base, then adorn eyelids with warm, shimmery tones like copper and gold. Enhance eyes with winged liner and long lashes. Choose a creamy highlighter for a radiant glow. Complement the sparkle with muted lips in mauve or berry. This season, let shimmer reflect the enchanting allure of fall’s golden ambiance, day or night.


3. Color Pop Fall Makeup Looks


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Elevate your fall makeup looks with a Color Pop twist. Start with a neutral base and let a single vibrant color steal the show. Sweep a bold shade like deep plum or burnt orange across your lids. Keep the rest of the makeup understated – subtle blush, a touch of bronzer, and a natural lip. This playful contrast between the rich pop of color and the subdued tones captures the essence of a dynamic fall aesthetic.


4. Light Blush Fall Makeup Looks


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A post shared by Allison Kaye (@allisonkayeglam)


Create a radiant fall makeup looks with a light blush touch. Begin with a dewy base and soft, neutral eyeshadows. Add a hint of golden highlighter on the high points of your face. For the lips, opt for a delicate nude or a soft pink shade. Finish by sweeping a subtle apricot blush across your cheeks to evoke a natural flush. This light and fresh look captures the essence of the season’s gentle beauty.


5. Bleached Brows Fall Looks


For a daring twist on fall makeup looks, consider bleached brows. Pair them with this season’s trendiest hues: terracotta eyeshadows and matte pumpkin lips. The absence of brows adds a minimalist edge to the warm and earthy tones, creating a striking contrast. Keep the skin radiant yet matte, and add a touch of bronzer for dimension. This unconventional look captures the essence of fall with a bold, modern twist.


6. Brown Shimmer Look


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A post shared by Stila Cosmetics (@stilacosmetics)

Achieve a captivating fall makeup looks with a touch of brown shimmer. Sweep a warm, bronzy eyeshadow across your lids, accentuating your eyes with a hint of golden shimmer in the center. Keep the rest of the makeup subtle – a matte foundation, a touch of peachy blush, and a nude lip. This understated yet elegant look perfectly captures the cozy and enchanting vibes of the season.


7. Glossy, Dewy Fall Makeup Looks

Elevate your fall makeup with a glossy, dewy look. Start with a hydrating primer for a radiant base. opt for sheer, dewy foundation and add a touch of liquid highlighter on your cheekbones. Embrace warm-toned eyeshadows in copper and gold, keeping them softly blended. Finish with a glossy lip in a muted berry shade. This look captures the season’s cozy vibes while adding a fresh, luminous twist for an effortlessly chic fall appearance.


8. All Pink Makeup Look


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A post shared by olivia (@livmadorma)

Embrace a romantic fall look with an “All Pink” makeup vibe. Blend soft, rosy hues across eyelids for a dreamy gaze. Achieve a flawless complexion with a light foundation and a touch of pink-toned blush on the cheeks. opt for a pinkish nude lip shade to keep the focus on the eyes. This monochromatic palette captures both the warmth of fall and the timeless charm of pink tones.


9. Vinyl Lips Fall Makeup Looks

For a chic fall makeup looks, try the “vinyl lips” trend. Achieve a high-shine effect with glossy lip colors in deep, bold shades like oxblood or plum. Keep the rest of the makeup understated with neutral-toned eyeshadows and a touch of mascara. A matte complexion provides the perfect contrast to the lustrous lips. This modern and edgy style adds a pop of drama to your autumn beauty routine.


10. Emerald Eye Look


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A post shared by SHISEIDO (@shiseido)

Elevate your fall makeup looks with an enchanting emerald twist. Sweep lush emerald green eyeshadow over your lids, paired with golden accents in the inner corners. Opt for a soft, bronzed complexion to complement the jewel tone, and enhance your lashes with mascara. Keep lips neutral with a nude shade to let the eyes shine. This sophisticated yet daring look captures the essence of fall’s opulence and nature’s beauty.


Frequently Asked Questions

eye Fall makeup looks

What are the fall makeup colors?

Grungy dark lip colors deep purple and maroon are some of the fall makeup colors.

What is the makeup trend for fall 2023?

Cloud Skin

“Cloud skin and soft matte finishes are always on trend for fall, but we never want skin to be dry,” explains Wren.

What is autumn makeup?

Autumn makeup consists of  colors contain yellow undertones and no blue undertones.

What are fall colors for lipstick?

  • warm berries
  • toasty browns
  • deeper reds.

What is the fall fashion color?

Multiple shades of red such as:

  • Red Dahlia
  • Viva Magenta
  • Fired Brick
  • Persimmon.

What are the 5 key color trends for fall 2023?

  1. Digital Lavender
  2. Apricot Crush
  3. Astro Dust
  4. Galactic Cobalt
  5. Sage Leaf.



Fall makeup accessories

Fall makeup looks feature warm, earthy tones, bold berry lips, and subtle shimmer to capture the cozy and alluring essence of the season.

Fall makeup accessories

Hopefully, you liked this catalog of makeup looks that we so fashionably curated!

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