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Microblading for eyebrows
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Microblading for eyebrows is the costmetic procedure to lining the eyebrows. An eyebrow is an attractive feature of the face. Everyone wishes to have a thin and natural-like eyebrow. Today men and women prefer microblading for eyebrows. Microblading is the cosmetic procedure to beautify the eyebrows. It helps to get the desired look and improve the overall look and also helps you to have an attractive face.  Let us know more about this.

What Is Microblading?- Microblading for eyebrows

Microblading for eyebrows is a type of tattooing but not like regular tattooing. It is a semi-permanent form of cosmetic procedure. Here, instead of a tattoo gun, a blade-shaped tool is used to structure the eyebrows. The tool has tiny and hardly visible needles which can create hair-like strokes. It uses to deposit color into the skin along your eyebrows. This procedure is also referred to as feather touch or micro-stroking. It gives natural look and enhances your look. Usually, trained or licensed technicians will perform the microblading. There are different levels and types of training available to get trained.

Microblading is also becoming popular among men as they are showing interest in grooming their eyebrows to improve the natural look to keep them well-groomed. Unlike women, who is performs microblading for shaping their eyebrows, men undergo to improve the look and give the natural look. If you concentrate more on the shape, then you may get a feminine look.

How Long Does Microblading Last?

Then, your next question will be, how long does microblading last? When will be next microblading treating? Normally, it can last for about 18 to 30 months. Sometimes it varies based on the skin type and preferences. Some skin types are good absorbent of pigment, so the time between the procedures may increase in those types of skin. You undergo the next procedure once the pigment is completely faded away. Skin care products also plays important role in increasing the length of time.

Things to be aware of in microblading

Always make sure your technician uses a new tool to do the procedure. It is a one-time usable tool. It should be disposed of after use. You should research to select the safe procedure that suits your skin type. A few research papers and clinical studies are there to support you in this case. There are some products or elements that need to stop after microblading.

They are;

  • Acids
  • Fragrance
  • Retinol
  • Mechanical exfoliation
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Chemical peels

Microblading for eyebrows can affect the eyebrows

No is the answer if the technician is good at that. If he does the microblading for eyebrows without affecting the skin and causing the scar in the tissue, it will not cause any ruin to the eyebrows. Despite the negative effect, it can cause rarely or accidentally, it has the potential benefit of hair growth. It is because of the blood flow the procedure brings to the area and stimulates lymphatic fluid. It can boost the hair follicle to support hair growth in that area.

Disadvantages And Complications Of Microblading For Eyebrows

One of the most problems possible with microblading is the change of appearance of brows in the future. It can become more thick and bold brows. Sometimes it may take a long time to fade away. It may disturb you or make it impossible for you to adapt to the new trend or style.

The pigment used in microblading for eyebrows can infect the skin due to irritation or allergies. It may cause pain and discomfort after the procedure. Sometimes the infection may cause to have excessive redness and yellow-tinged discharge. The microbladed area may become puffy or rose if the technician does anything wrong.

After the procedure, if you find discomfort or swelling, you should visit your doctor immediately to take the necessary treatment. The infection due to microblading can affect the bloodstream if you are not getting treated properly with antibiotics.

Though the procedure has no restrictions on personalities some people should avoid taking this microblading procedure. People should avoid this;

  • Pregnant women
  • Who is prone to keloids
  • Had organ transplant
  • If you have a condition like hepatitis

Skincare After Microblading

Following some tips after microblading for eyebrows will be helpful to fruit the best outcome of microblading and to heal the skin from the procedure’s wound. It is a bit similar to tattoo care. You may have the chance to have red and dark skin after the procedure as it uses needles to cut into the skin.

To clean the area, uses a cotton swab dipped in sterilized water and wipe the area to remove any excess dye on your brows and keep the area sterile.

The dark shade and wound skin may take 7 to 14 days to get healed.

You can follow the following steps after microblading as the caring procedure.

  • Keep the face dry at least for 7 days without allowing the shower to wet the area.
  • Avoid makeup for a week as it requires some time for pigment to fade.
  • Don’t remove the scabs, tug, or itch formed in the eyebrow area.
  • Keep the area out of wet until it gets completely healed and finish your follow-up appointment. Avoid saunas, swimming, and excessive sweating.
  • Keep the eyebrow hair away from the brow line.
  • Apply the medicated cream or balm prescribed by the technician.
  • Apply sunscreen to the area to prevent fading.

These steps can help in preventing the skin from infection and improve the healing process.

Takeaway On Microblading For Eyebrows

To have natural look eyebrows, you can go for microblading. It is a simple procedure that requires only 7 days of rest and some special care to have thin and beautiful eyebrows. The procedure implements a special needle-like tool to cut the skin and implant pigment into it. The procedure is available at different costs and an experienced and licensed technician to do this procedure. You can avoid after-procedure complications by following some precautionary and protective steps. However, if you get any pain, swelling or any pus leaking, don’t hesitate to visit your doctor and have the necessary treatment.

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