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10 Interesting Facts About Pench National Park Maharashtra

10 facts you should know before visiting Pench national park Maharashtra. It’s that time of year once more when you have to start thinking about your Indian jungle vacation. We waited patiently through the summer and monsoons, ultimately crawling our way to October, to be able to return to our cherished national parks once more.

Pench National Park is located on the boundary between Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. A total nature reserve of 1190 plus square kilometers spread over the two states protects more than 30 species of animals and several species of flora. Pench National Park also serves as a tiger sanctuary, one of the country’s largest. Tiger sightings are a typical occurrence inside the tiger reserve. The tiger, leopard, and sloth bear are the most commonly known species in this park.

Here are the 10 facts you should know before visiting Pench national park Maharashtra:

1. Everything Is Connected

A fascinating tidbit regarding Pench National Park. If one closely examines the satellite map of this location, one will notice that the forest is connected to the Kanha Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh.

2. The Origin Of The Name

The title of this park is based on the Pench River, which meanders from its northern to the southern end, dividing the park into comparable parts known as the eastern and western zones.

3. House Of So Many Community

This park not only houses a range of wild creatures but also houses millions of people. There are now eight communities flourishing within and near the Pench National Park.

4. The Fact About Settlements

One of the ten settlements, Fulzari, is located within the park, while the other nine are located on the outside of the Pench National Park.

5. The Royal Bengal Tiger’s Home

The Pench Tiger Reserve’s main draw is the Royal Bengal Tiger. According to the most recent census data, the tiger population inside the reserve ranged from 52 to 75, with an additional 80 plus tigers living in the reserve area.

6. The Biggest Area

The tiger reserve’s primary area is 411 square kilometers. The overall forest area encompassed either by the Pench tiger reserve is approximately 1200 square kilometers, including a buffer zone of more than 760 square kilometers.

7. Rich In Biodiversity

The area is also rich in biodiversity, with several mammals, songbirds, insects, and reptiles visible. It is common to see large herds of wild boar, wild cats, antelopes, sambhar, and Indian bison. The Royal Bengal Tiger, panther, wolf, and wild dogs dominate the predators.

8. The Jungle Book Was Inspired By Pench National Park Maharashtra

Pench is the inspiration for Rudyard Kipling’s tremendously successful and well-loved animal classic “The Jungle Book.” The narrative of Mowgli was influenced by a true story that was popular in the region.

9. An Account Of Wolves Inspired From Pench National Park Maharashtra

In 1831, a youngster from Satbavadi hamlet near Seoni who had lived up with wolves was jailed. Sir William H. Sliman was inspired to write “An account of wolves’ rearing offspring in their dens.”

10. So Many Flora Species To Discover In Pench National Park

Pench National Park, which is home to a variety of flora species such as Salai, Mahua, Saja, White Kulu, Dhaora, Bijiyasal, Amaltas, and others, has distinct vegetation and a wonderful atmosphere that relaxes tourists’ eyes, brains, and feelings.

Final Thoughts

We must acknowledge that visiting nature reserves is one of the nicest things we can do for ourselves when we are engulfed by the rush and commotion of the urban jungle. Even if you only spend a few days in the wilderness, it has a profound impact on your mind, heart, body, and soul.

By the way, how did you like these 10 facts you should know before visiting Pench national park Maharashtra and jaw-dropping facts? Tell us by commenting, and if you have any advice for us, then definitely give it. Have you visited MP before if yes then how was your experience? Share with us right now or else you can do whatever you want to do man and woman.

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