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How To Clean Beauty Blender In 5 Easy Steps

How To Clean Beauty Blender In 5 Easy Steps

Do you want to know how to clean beauty blender? Before even one use, a beauty blender appears flawless and stunning. Your once-perfect beauty blender is now covered in smeared foundation and smudged eyeliner.

Sponge bacteria growth is especially problematic because “the longer something stays wet, the more likely it is for mould to grow,” as stated by Carolyn Forte, director of the cleaning lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute. Because they come into contact with your face, they are likely contaminated with bacteria and should be kept clean and dry.

Because of this, if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, you should clean your sponge every day. “With daily use, any makeup tool can accumulate dead skin cells, dirt, oil, pollution, and bacteria,” says Mark Chi, Global Trainer & Makeup Artist at beauty blender. In the future, you won’t be able to just ignore cleaning as easily.

You’d think it would be difficult to maintain a clean makeup sponge, but in reality, it’s not that hard. Here, you will learn the simplest and most effective techniques for extending the life of your Beauty Blender. Many people ask on Reddit how to clean beauty blender reddit? Let us begin with the post on how to clean beauty blender?


Best practices On How To Clean Beauty Blender

mild soap

Our experts suggest using a mild bar soap, dish soap, or the beauty blender cleansing solid for optimal results. The brand’s cleansing solid, Blender cleanser (also available in liquid form, if that’s your thing), is designed to remove stains softly and safely, without damaging the sponge. Here’s how to get the most out of your cleaning solid:

Sponge the bar soap with water, paying special attention to stained areas, and then squeeze out the excess water.

Rinse the sponge under running water until no more suds form when you squeeze it and the water is clear. If any stains persist, start over at step one.

Spread out on a dry towel and let the sponge dry naturally in the air.


The Routine Procedure

Glass container

How to clean beauty blender by routine procedure? You’re probably thinking, “Who has time to wash their makeup sponge every day?” and we hear you. Since you need to wet the sponge before using it, you are already halfway there. Simply run your sponge over a bar of soap and massage it into a light lather to clean it. Then, repeat the process of rinsing until the water is clear.


Double-Swab Purification Technique


How to clean beauty blender with douple-purification technique? Using an oil-based cleanser in combination with a water-based cleanser is a great way to get rid of any traces of makeup that may have been left on your makeup sponge after you’ve double-cleaned your face.

Do this by placing your sponge in a bowl of water and adding one pump of cleansing oil to help dissolve any traces of makeup or dirt. After letting it soak for a few minutes, use your regular cleanser to work the sponge into a foamy lather, and then rinse it clean.


This New Technique That Soaks!

hot water

The longer you soak the sponge, the cleaner it will be. This is the most time-saving method of cleaning when dealing with tough stains or when washing a large number of sponges simultaneously

Sponge-washing begins with a bowl of hot water and a few drops of liquid detergent worked into a dirty sponge. Soak them for a couple of hours, making sure they don’t come up for air.

Then, apply a solid cleanser (this is where the silicone mat comes in handy) to the sponges and run them over it to create a lather; afterward, rinse the sponges thoroughly to remove any residue.

Squeeze the sponges to remove as much excess water as possible, then set them aside to dry. Is it possible to clean how to clean beauty blender with baking soda?


The Use of Microwaves – How To Clean Beauty Blender?


How to wash beauty blender microwave?

If you can help it, skip this one. Although this advice circulated widely online a few years ago, it is no longer recommended because it can cause permanent damage to your sponge. If you insist on using the microwave, make sure the sponge is completely submerged in soapy water, set the timer for no more than 60 seconds, and keep a close eye on it.


Final Thoughts On How To Clean Beauty Blender

These were the tips on how to clean beauty blender. Your Beauty Blender should be stored in a dry, airy place after each use to ensure it dries completely between applications.

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